Below you can find the latest original screenplays for your perusal. They will range from features, television, and maybe the occasional live production but let’s not count on that last one but maybe one day we’ll see the next Broadway production of the rise and fall of Nicholas Cage. Anyway, check them out and read the first twenty pages. Read them to see how to format your own screenplay, enjoy some pieces for a quick read, or perhaps you want to buy one for your next big project. Whatever you want to do just make sure you remember to enjoy them.

WARNING: Some of these stories contain adult themes, context, and language. Please read description before reading.


Logline: When children grow too old for their bears many are lost and forgotten but a special few are selected to protect the dreams of children and therefore protect the future of mankind.


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Drop The Beat



Logline: When an unsuspecting Brittish teen moves across the pond with his family to the lights and flash of Beverly Hills, he learns quickly that the life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll isn’t all what is advertised but nothing will stop him from accomplishing his dreams.

Adult Content, Adult Themes, & Adult Language


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