B.G. Myhan

Short Stories


Some people have such a vivid imagination and they can walk through Union Station with nothing but their headphones and a good song and they can pretend they’re in their own music video and be thoroughly entertained. Others prefer to get lost in a story and disappear from their own reality. These are written to be enjoyed just like your MP3s. For those who don’t have the time to listen to a full album but just need a track or two.


– Best Wishes


Compatibility Test

Compatibility Test By: B.G. Myhan Don't think I didn't tell you, you wouldn't understand. It's not supposed to be understood so don't feel stupid for not knowing. What I like to do in times like these is to grab a drink and eat a lot of cheese-based foods. Nachos,...
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The Tiny Man

The Tiny Man By B.G. Myhan      The tiny man walked out of his tiny house and took as big of a breath as his tiny lungs could hold before exhaling a tiny little puff of air. He could tell it was going to be a good day in his tiny world and the only problems he would...
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