The Legends of Mythrous

Book One
The Legends of Mythrous
Strange Lands

When Kyle Halloway learns that his dad wants to leave their familiar life in Florida and move to the Bahamas on a whim, Kyle thinks his dad is crazy. And when Kyle’s dad tells him they are taking a 17th century tall ship to, ‘sail in style’ as Kyle’s dad put it, Kyle knew that this wouldn’t be like any trip he had taken before.

But when their old ship sails through the middle of the biggest storm in centuries, Kyle finds himself alone and on an island chain that nobody has seen in more than a century. With no sign of his father and the crew, Kyle journeys onto the islands to meet the inhabitants. Inhabitants that Kyle knows don’t really exist, or at least he thought they never existed.

Come join Kyle as he sets sail and finds himself on an island chain lost in time. A land where pirates still pillage, leprechauns will steal your gold, and dragons reign at the top of the food chain. A land that has been a prison for the elves, dwarves, fairies, man, and any other unfortunate creature stuck under the great barrier. A prison that Kyle has now found himself locked in with no hope to find his father and his old world ever again.

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Kyle Halloway is doing his best to fit into his new world but war is at his doorstep and he has found himself on the loosing side.  Living under a king blinded by prejudice; part of an army that hasn’t seen battle in over a hundred years; and against an enemy who sold their soul to the devil himself.

Come back to Mythrous and explore the islands with Kyle, Cammie, Alerio, and Wyatt.