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The world needs a new movie like Across the Universe called Ocean Avenue. Every song is a Yellowcard song. #rockopera #yellowcard #movieidea
h J R

- 59 days ago

I just want to curl up in the only corner of my apartment that's clean. This one foot by one foot box of peace. #cleanhouse #chores #bummers
h J R


Read the first 20 pages of the latest screenplays and teleplays including the highly anticipated animated feature: Teddys

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I’m a big fan of fiction. Nothing’s better than getting lost in another world and walking around in someone else’s shoes. Come check out the latest books including The Legends of Mythrous Series.

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Find ways to stretch your own imagination by diving into my own. Check out some of the latest short stories, rants, and springboard ideas to unlock your own fiction.

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